You make your own cool

As you sip your soda

Always nodding as you smile

You’re so cool

 in the way you quit smoking

always finding yourself and

Never letting addictions provoke you

You’re so cool

You’ve lost another twenty pounds

And your plenty on your way to being a model

Your so cool

How you say that the eye is but a tool

And I agree as I see

On the board is a score of a team

On a winning streak

And you say you have the tickets

You’re so cool

In the way you’re immovable

Concrete is your history

Proving that you rely on God

Your so cool

I remember the times apart

And I think now we offer each other

Something that should be in art,

Our picture of life is

Part of living our destiny out

As you look my way

My eyes will tell you that I portray the sea,

And i’m a fool for you.