Every part of me wants to hold you

Your beauty takes my breath away

So sue me for wanting to please you

Surely you lay here wanting to be touched

Or else why did you come over

I’m a man

And you tempt the best of me

I don’t think its completely with your body

Its in the way you look at me

They say the eyes are the window to the soul

So slowly youre awaking my passion

One that I thought was lost

You deliver my spirit

And tease my manhood

With your kisses

So often I miss out on

A regular life

But today I want to be

 in the heat of the moment as our eyes meet

and your touch is describing

to me a sonnet

of what beauty really is:

Beauty allows comments on it

That thrill the heart,

Beauty is in fashion that

Instills religion to the soul,

Beauty rises as the sun sets

Into the night,

Together you and I can make our own

Definition of passion

Assist me in this pursuit to make every new day

A flute of harmony to our souls.

And find me to remind me when I forget

That what sews here

also shows divinity its true art.