Allergies you think it’s ok

For you to hide all year and then you decide

To poke around in my body in the spring time

As if you’re saying “hi”

You think im going to let you attack

My sinuses

And discomfort my breathing

I’ve got news for you

So many times I think about you

In ill will and let it be said

That you’re not my bread

And water.

You have to learn to live without me

You do nothing but cause disharmony

To my body

You’re wasting your time

Trying to get at me and ruin my day

This is the last time I’m going to say

That you put me in a grumpy mood

So soon it will be when you’re gone

I’ve waiting my entire life for this time

When I shine against you will allergy shots

I’ve decided to put you with my waste

Right in the toilets.