True Colors


I’m cloaked in red

For my sacrifice.

My kin wears white

And true to their fabric

rests forgiveness they project.


I run with colors so real to me

I see truth in the vibrant zeal

Of teal and the pains and chains in pink.

You tell me you are wise?

Let me hold color to your eyes.


She says my colors square me

And I long to be a winner

So goes my battle as the truth unfolds

And my green becomes yellow

And my red becomes brown.


So is my seed that bears the youth

Of my atonement.

She forecasts and showers to me

In blue or is it green optimally?

My feud is short.


I resort to your diagrams and stories ‘

Of colors so mighty yet unscorned.

So is my reality left beneath

The suns dawn and night

Without scrutiny and I release


My plans with your colors

So lustrous as to tease myself

Of the depth of me.

Now I see, My red is actually purple

And my joy presents itself as royalty.