So cool

You dance as if nobody’s watching

Your hair is always standing up

And you talk in your sleep

You‘re so cool to me

The way you send me flowers at work

And insist that I read this book speaking

Of wanting to self improve

You’re so cool to me

You move me in the way you’re always catching my humor

I see that we have been a perfect match

and you always want the last dance

You’re so cool to me

If somebody offered us

To walk away with money instead of staying together

You would say, “Hunny, Fat chance”

I love our history

Always landing on two feet

You’re so cool

We’re the perfect pair you and i

Never demanding too much of each other

Always stating our imperfections are clearly

Zealous ways preventing jealousy

You’re so cool to me

The way you make me think larger than life

Is a testimony in itself.

Come teach me how to count to a million in sevens

Because in it I’ll find that heaven is also in my reach

You’re so cool to me

Including you in my view

I will always be able to tell the truth

You’re so cool to me.