Introducing a Calloused State

I sit in ways so to help my esteem

I bring a relatibility and I cry

Over your words so small

They bear with them a wall

Of unity so scarce.

It is your fault for being part of it,

The wall, I manage myself to tell on you

To my lord, my savior

And he thinks you are full of much

More than your giving.

I sing to myself

I admit, im living in candidacy, this is who I am

And I suffer myself for God

To reach my glory,

I have to tell you your own sad story

So that you remember who it is you sing to

As it lays your season so indifferent to me

Also can be such the same to you

So bravo, and well done.

Im going to lean on the son.

And I wish for you the temptation

That shall caress your heart

To reason with you to take apart your wall

So wonderful I see

It could be with you and me looking at each other.

Yet you romper and you enjoy a bad taste

How else do I reference your lack?

Can I treaty you?

Will you let me fall to you in trust?

This is what I discuss with my Lord.

And I see you lack pleasantries

Its not a secret you mourn with things

I see you are vicariously living in your choices

So to commit yourselves over a matter

And you laugh at me?

I condemn you for your treason

I am appeased by the son

I know what my job is

Have I proven my magneticity?

I was born to energize you into a new light

So bring your freight

And I will always include you

And I charge a low rate.

So lays who I am of what I lack to charge

for a friendship.