As we take the first steps together

Committing to putting our addictions to death,

Lets rest in knowing that

All we need is eachother

Living sober is the best

You’re a wonderful mother

And I’m trying to be a better father

It takes a degree of happiness

In what we do to keep us from alcohol

Living sober is the best

So lets be stronger for our children

Lets say from now on we have no problems

This is the only way to nip It in the butt

One day at a time

Let Our front show abilities and lets live in them

Living sober is the best

To give our future a better story

It wont include hunger or pains

It only says that we give our chest with heart

IM thankful to be part of your life,

 and the day

That we can say to God, we aced our test.

Living sober is the best.