I wonder when I say
I want my ray
To shine on others
Like our brother
How do I measure myself
As I am weathered?
How do I compare to my savior?
So I dwell in thought
I’m searching for more
I’m searching for more than what I can see
There is nobody like me
Nobody. So who do I look to
To emulate and who do I relate to?
When I think im beautiful but there’s nobody I admire
Like me. Nobody. So what can I do
I don’t see beauty like others do
I don’t see ugly like others do either.
How do I measure comparing myself to Jesus?
How do I measure myself
There is not one women I admire like me
There is not one man I admire like me.
So I say with my ray to others of their beauty
Just hoping to reflect some off them to me
Thinking that I might make a world before me of beauty
So desirous as me.