Just saying
I am fun, I am energetic
When I pledge allegiance
To the united states of America
Im touching my breathe

That I project
Of a flag so dear
I sit at the edge of my chair
Looking at my teacher

Saying I have the freedom to declare
I want to be like her
Teaching of the shine
that suits the states

Declaring my freedom of me
Telling myself I am just as free
As the thirteen colonies
And the fifty states

I hate that you cant see me,
But im ok with it and I hope
That someday you will also be
As free as I am today

Making a figure with my words
Of what I am today and what I want to be tomorrow.
As I stare and declare at the beauty of my teacher.
I am the best me I will ever be.

Because my ability forms my character
And what I have to say matters
As I shatter the language
Forming a log with my mouth

So help me build a damn
As its only up to you and me to use what God gave us
To benefit others and believe
That they can be like us.

So to discuss the new language of love
Tests the reason of the dove
That cures me every day I give in
To its hug.