You tease me with your
…age so skilled and gauged
Affords you the name ‘mister’
Relying on your sister
But you forget
As you lay blistered
To lay your regrets
In the sun these days
As mother Mary
Raises the cover
You laid on my brother
Recovers your spirit
Residing in the yellow
Of your disease
As you so frequently pull back my sheets with ease,
I rest as she covers my wounds
Casting my spell on you.
She hovers and mothers
My souls so free
Be it may she recover you too.
Instilling the faith and blessed
Resonates the blue
Of the ceremony I render
Costing me the better
Of my dear life you arrest
To test my heart of pain
Leaving with you no longer
A distaster so vain
Enlightening the soul
Of your fruit you sold
To me as a reminder of who I can be.
The best is my name and I came to play
To win adrift
The sail I set
With the sword of truth
Never in debt
To me I see
A lady of glee
Ratting you out to my forecaster it be
Accusing you of your indecency
Never in enough pain I see
So he lay with me a cane so very plain
As I wear the glasses of the wise
You try to place your enterprise
Belittling me and abusing
Your sanctity
Forgetting who’s watching and reasoning
Overshadows your decisions and
Records your blasphemy ways.
For not understanding who lay at your feet
Resting in love and an army of might
So wills the sky
In morning glory
Applauding the youth of the rainbows story
So temptuous and gluttony
Rolls off your tongue
Witnessing the inventory of the perfect one
You also will see someday
Who is talking through me so keen,
Mocking you and your carelessness
Accusing the ugly duckling of being improper
Poses questions of who made you abusing
As you follow, you wallow in your very own self esteem