Her notes are etched in gold
So is her chord
She plays her keys to God
Religiously brinking each tone
To its new desire
You see, she plays for the piano
In hopes of God hearing her
So that he may say to her
‘continue to commit yourself this perfection”
Just as her best music suits her, she reaches better
And she confesses, this is not in her hands but God’s
When her hands reflect her life unfolding before her
She prosecutes herself and her inequities
So she dares to believe there is more to her honor and reason
She pleases to reduce your tone of manipulation
And she catapults her joy through her strings
Saying, “i’m the one floating before you, but you cant touch me or see me.”
And I am omnipresent playing my own duet
With god. Searing a new note. Is my day. In the rays
Of my piano,. And i’m the mysterious energy
Created from an instrument
Balancing my reason for existence
Stands at my fingertips of gold.
And the more you don’t see me, the more
I secure my place
In a house set in trees
That only I can find.
I am one with the piano.
Because I tell my secrets to it
And she rejoices in her perspective
At my unity.
It becomes my teacher above all
The piano and her ways
Because her truth cannot be hidden.
And she’s able to breathe with my attention
I touch her with a gentleness so extreme
Prohibiting my anger and uniforming my ways so pure.
Is just how she greets me.
My treasure is in my pianos pleasure.
She can never lie to me.