In tune
In so many ways as you bear color of red
I also tread in the color that bled to death.
We aren’t that different, you and I,
We can witness our disguise was not in flooding
But in budding as our nature suits us
We use our care as a power of a wand
To share our mercies onto others of our pond
So full of magic and we run with our hands in the air
Erect and chancing the light to stare at us. Dare it
Assign us a vision of a castle with tips so risen
Form the bed of the ghost that told us to pose
As a rose in discovery resists its bliss.
Now open and ever performing incredulous
Acts she lays perfectly in tune with her
Resume. Sitting and laughing at you and you and you.
No longer tempting to react, rather giving head a chance
To relax her wisdom enough to foresee abilities
And conquer at gate what once was old is now the new.
In contention is its residue.
I meander my way through the stares of inadequacy
Realizing my position is to be free of a soliloquy
So in suit with a fashion attesting to its name
Beguiling and ever so smiling you are at me
When I hand you my money it is you I deceive
I am plenty and abound in trust , what give you
That you must declare me as a mercenary?
And now, I am free.