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Monthly Archives: July 2013


My circle of reason is

refracted by the sun,

In a full spectrum of colors

is my portrait

Unfoldiong in red and

bowing in purple

There Is no end but

Hope of a pot of gold

Bending is my season and

when im bold

I enlist sailors at night,

True to my testament,

you implore me,

Because I Promise of no flood

in my glory

I want to touch the tips of divinity with poetry for people in need of good words.

 I’d like to help keep families together and in meaningful thoughts.

Words are the best counselor

 I want men to fight for their wives when they think all hope is lost

  united is the only way to be

I would like to give you words for those blank cards.

This is my value today.

More than this though is the meaning behind

how together we can make someone feel special.

So give me your letters of shame

and I will help you gain some respect from your mate, friend, foe, or even just a sister.

Tell me your stories, whether its an anniversary, wedding, or even an apology,

lets see what glory I come up with for you. Let me help.

Email me at aimee@mortgagesbyaimee.com if you’d like me to write one for you.

Here are a few:


Our story is long and wild

Together we’ve served and been united

Many times

This time is different and I will admit

I’ve always loved you

Even though we’ve laughed and cried apart through the years

MY establishment is in your hands now

Open your doors and keep them open forever

To me and my love.

My dear.


Your potion is a mixture of skit and skat

Your debt exceeds its heights with every dollar you spend

And you really need to get a job

But through this and that in life

Rarely you can find a mate

Who is true to who they are in heart

I love you now and forever.

Take me to the wind

I love you I love you I love you

Your love makes me soar

How high I fly is up to you

You take me high in

 how you touch me

how you understand me

and how you make me grow

im truly honored to call you now

my husband.


So often we have a show

Of total consumption of ones nature

And sometimes this show includes humor

Well today my show includes honor

And a straight face

Because honey, you make me

The man I want to be.

Thank you

And I love you more.


Our favorite song is playing

Right now to a beat we so easily meet as our friend

Remembering past events and sitting

In a time so lost as the sun manipulates the moon

My clarity is uniform today though as I say

That my favorite time is dancing with you

To our favorite song

I love you

And honey I need you.

Truth or dare

Im honored to tap you on the butt

So often im lazy

But I swear to you my gaze is perfect on you.

Honey, you’re the magic in my hair

Im not losing it because of you

Im thinking im wise today

And mostly

Because my virtues now include you loving you.


I’ve come back to you

Because you’re so loving

And the truth is its beyond this

I love the way you walk,

I love the way you talk,

And I love the way act

Around me

Im in love with you this time

And this is my story

Of what glory is

Thank you for forgiving me.

I love you.

In the moment

I love you I love you I love you

In moments, time can tell the truth

My actions of my youth do not

Mark me today

Im a new man

And I care more for you in this moment

Than any tears that drop of joy

Today is a new day and I deliver to you

My honest approach to ask

For your forgiveness

Hunny we were made to stay together

Not grow apart.

I love you and let me say how beautiful you are.

Come home

Im not that insightful

And I know I fart

But honey

Im most delightful

When we are not apart

Come home, I love you

Please stop running from me

I love you honey.

At sea

My favorite times were on our boat

You and I holding hands

And I mark my path today

As I lay these words in an art

To deliver what I mean to say

Hunny, your life fills me with the air I breathe

And happiness touches the clouds in hope

As I hear your name

I love you and lets be nicer to each other.


I’ve cried so many nights

Longing for a recovery

And I know deep down the only

Satisfaction is in asking for your forgiveness

Honey, let me show you how true I can be

And that I will honor our sancitity in our marriage

From  now on,

I promise, I wont let this happen again

Im on my knees for you

I love you and please forgive me.

Forgive me

I love you I love you I love you

Today I tell you the truth

I had low self esteem and I misused my body

Please forgive me for mocking

Our institution of marriage

And let me move back in

I promise this sacrifice of words to paper

Means more to me that just evaporating

Its in stone just like you and me

Forgive me, I wont be a failure anymore.

I love you honey please accept me back.

Survivor’s poem

I love you I love you I love you

My battle with cancer made me realize

How truly special you are to me

You took care of me and pampered me with respect

And honor, I love you so very much

Its hard to record such a mystery behind what love is

But if mystery and passion talk,

They woud say, im as passionate about you today as when we first met.

I love everything about you and thank you for loving me through the toughest times.

You’re so wonderful.

Just a note

If God were a man,

then I would leave it to him to tell you how truly beautiful you are

But since He granted me this purpose here goes:

You’re beauty surpasses all streams of hope

Your gifted nature brings a meaning to special

Your beauty sits on the edge of a castle,

That leads it into pleasure and happiness

I need you, and my faith is in my scope

Of offering you a home that allows you to grow in your beauty.

I love you today and forever, honey.

Dumb mistakes

I love you I love you I love you,

Im ashamed of my actions and im sorry I hurt you

Lays my virtue on end

As I tear through this riddle

Hoping to uncover my hidden art.

Hunny, I need you like bees need flowers

You’re the most wonderful person I know

And think you have the best hair

Not just that though

I hunger for your touch

You bless me in your talk

And as we walk together it is the height of my day

Honey I need you back

Honestly, its hard for my heart to work without you in my life

Please forgive me

I miss you and I love you.


When I sent you off to college

You broke my wallet

But now I see you’ve made

Your life something of so much and you stay

At the heart of your work

Now you’re a surgeon and soon you’ll write a book

We are so proud of you and your accomplishments

It has been our honor watching you develop

Into someone we call a son, and a friend

We love you.